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Spring Tour 2014 is Nearly Upon Us!

March 7-23, 2014
The BDs will soon be traveling down the East Coast and into Florida! Booking inquiries may be directed to Tour Managers Hunter Harmon and Owen Kaye-Kauderer.

Off to California!

From December 28, 2013 to January 11th, 2014, the Baker's Dozen will be touring the great state of California! Look for us in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco!

Congrats to the SICKEST FROGS EVER!

The BDs would like to welcome: Seth McNay, Nelson Reed, Kevin Chen, Theo Epstein, and Jack Berney! Ladies and gentlemen, these truly are the sickest frogs ever! 

New Series of Videos!

The Bds are proud to present a new set of youtube videos from our Spring '13 Jam. Check them out on our youtube channel!


The BDs release "Guarantee Not" (October 2012)

Be sure to get your hands "Guarantee Not," our newest album fresh out the oven!

Audition for The Baker's Dozen!

The BDs will be holding auditions this weekend (9/1-9/2) in the Jonathan Edwards theater -- look out for our table in the JE courtyard. Auditions are totally relaxed so please don't stress out! If you need a little guidance with your audition, check out our rush page. We're excited to meet all of you!

In case you missed us at this year's Woolsey Jam, check out Sam Dealy '15 on Loch Lomond:

And Connor Buechler '14 on She Talks to Angels:

New album "Guarantee Not" out this fall!

Months of hard work in the recording studio this past spring have rewarded the BDs with our finest CD yet. Be sure to get your hands on a copy of "Guarantee Not" when we release it this fall. For now, check out our YouTube channel or enjoy music from our past albums below!

The Baker's Dozen to sing National Anthem at Red Sox Game

Keep your eyes peeled for Sunday, September 9th 2012 as the BDs take the field at Fenway Park to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in front of thousands when the Red Sox take on the Blue Jays. With high-profile concerts this past year at the Staples Center, on the Martha Stewart show (see below) and countless more, the BDs can't wait for another exciting season to get started.


Can't Get Enough?

The Baker's Dozen have been working hard the past few months to produce our newest album. Get ready to hear some old classics as well as some new arrangements. Out in early September 2012!

Check out the basses in the studio with Brad, the group's 2011-2012 musical director. 

Another Great Year

The Baker's Dozen capped off another fine year performing to audiences all over the country. From singing the national anthem at the Staples Center to kickstart a Laker's game to dancing with middle schoolers in Mississippi, the BDs have done it all.

This year's Winter Tour led by tour managers James Campbell '13 and Peter Lewis '13 brought us up and down the sunny west coast of California, and Spring Tour spearheaded by Rich Gilliland '13 and Mike Young '13 had us roadtripping from New Haven down to Fort Lauderdale, with a few days on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico. We can't wait to meet the incoming freshmen of the Yale Class of 2016, and are already gearing up for what will be another exciting a cappella fall rush. Just think -- YOU could be a BD.

Interested in the Baker's Dozen?

We love nothing more than singing concerts and spreading our love for traditional a cappella . When we're not studying or getting up to all sorts of activities here on Yale's campus, we're traveling all around the country in our navy blazers and ties, entertaining audiences of all ages and backgrounds with our unique blend of music and humor. Contact our new Business Manager John Gerlach at for concert enquiries. We would love to sing for you!


Singing with Martha Stewart

The BDs sing Christmas carols on the Martha Stewart show!

Martha Stewart is seen in this photo from the production of "The Martha Stewart Show" in New York on Wednesday December 7, 2011. Photo: David M. Russell/The Martha Stewart Show 

Martha Stewart is seen in this photo from the production of "The Martha Stewart Show" in New York on Wednesday December 7, 2011. Photo: David M. Russell/The Martha Stewart Show 

Martha Stewart is seen in this photo from the production of "The Martha Stewart Show" in New York on Wednesday December 7, 2011. Photo: David M. Russell/The Martha Stewart Show 

The Baker's Dozen to sing on Martha Stewart's show

Check out the episode preview here:

The gentlemen of the Baker's Dozen are proud to announce that they will be singing Christmas carols on the Martha Stewart show at 10am and 2pm on Wednesday, December 7th, on the Hallmark channel. Be sure to tune in for some great tunes and festive cheer!

The Sickest. Frogs. Ever.

The Gentlemen of the Baker's Dozen welcome our newest taps, the Class of 2015: Hunter Harmon, Sam Dealy, Paul Hinkes, Max Gordon and Nathan Kohrman. BDs ATB

The BDs go on retreat

Five days of touring the tri-state area and singing at some of New England's finest concert venues, including performance halls, country clubs and high schools, capped off an eventful pre-rush retreat that has become an important BD tradition over the years. Business Manager Danny Victorio '13 hosted the group for the first two days at his log cabin in upstate New York, providing the BDs with a tranquil (and cell phone-less) rehearsal space in which to practice their songs, trios and skits as well as refine their unique, traditional blend and sound.

Check out Staten Island News Corporation's recent report on a concert at the Silver Lake Golf Course veranda:

Getting ready for 2011-2012

After an incredibly successful 2010-2011 year, including exciting Winter and Spring tours along the warm coastal waters of California and Florida, the BDs are gearing up for what promises to be another rowdy a capella season. Under the new leadership of Musical Pitch Brad Travis '13 and Business Manager Danny Victorio '13, as well as Winter & Spring Tour managers Peter Lewis '13, James Campbell '13, Rich Gililland '13 and MIke Young '13, the BDs will be performing their unique brand of a capella and humour both internationally and around the country. You won't want to miss out! 

Join us on YouTube

Check out our brand-new YouTube channel, with solo performances by last year's Freshmen and Seniors at the 2010 Parent's Weekend Concert, as well as the BDs rocking out to some of our traditional tunes from our more recent, and always crazy, annual Jam -- "Beard Jam" -- both held at Yale. Who could possibly begin to resist the buttery voice of lovable junior Travis "Chef" Gidado '12, singing Bill Withers' "Lean on me"?

You know you can't.

The BDs welcome their newest Tap Class

Congratulations to the Baker's Dozen Class of 2014 -- the newest members of the family: Connor Buechler, Charlie Chen, Bobby Dresser, Alex Du, John Gerlach, Charles Stone, and Naicheng Wangyu. BDs ATB

The launch of a new website

The Baker's Dozen is proud to present our brand new website and logo. On the site you'll find a plethora of new content, including a great media player (below) for listening to our music, as well as photos and videos from our recent performances. A big thanks to designer Jared Shenson for his work to put this together. We hope you like it!

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